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Arizona State Meet (sold out)
March 5-6 2022
April 23rd, 2022
The Rough Rider Showdown Phoenix, AZ - Entries Open Soon
  • The Rough Rider Showdown (AZ-2022-03)
    Sun, Apr 23
    Track Club Fitness
    The USA Powerlifting Rough Rider Showdown (AZ-2022-03) April 23, 2022 Track Club Fitness 915 N Central Ave, Phoenix AZ 85004 DIRECTED BY: Ryan Carrillo & Rich Wenner Questions: email Sanction: (AZ-2022-03)


The Rough Rider Showdown
April 23, 2022
Track Club Fitness

Entry fee: $120

Spots Available: 36*

Sanction: (AZ-2022-03)


This event will redefine what you know about powerlifting in Arizona. You can expect a highly entertaining and engaging experience as an athlete and spectator. Meet directors Rich and Ryan will be investing nearly 100% of the proceeds back into the meet to ensure the most exciting experience for everyone. Some things to look forward to at the Rough Rider Showdown:

  • Professional lighting, sound, pipe and drape to create the perfect competition atmosphere

  • Local businesses: food trucks, vendors, and more will be on-site to provide an elevated experience

  • Memorable trophies: No medals - we're going to have unique trophies you'll actually love

  • T-shrts: Meet entry gets you a t-shirt, just like the old days!

  • Volunteers are taken care of: Food, stipend, and more to ensure all of our awesome volunteers are taken care of

  • World Class judging - Consistent, fair, and highly experienced judges will be in the chair

  • A short, fun, and memorable event with three flights to keep energy high

  • Meet snacks, drinks, and refreshments for everyone to fuel your gameday performance

  • Plus more - We are working on special things such as guest lifters, local sponsorships, an after party, and much more.

*to ensure the best meet experience in our venue, the 36 lifter cap has been put in place. We can potentially go to 42 lifters. If demand is high this may happen and we will notify everyone.

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More info coming

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USA Powerlifting Arizona is only possible with the help of volunteers like you. We are always looking to train new meet directors, referees, spotters, and other positions. Please email us if you are interested in volunteering:

State Chairs

Ryan Carrillo & Rich Wenner




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