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Dance Ejay For Mac

Dance eJay is a program that lets users create their own songs and unique mixes. Dance eJay is designed specially for users who like dance music and want to make songs of their taste, or for those who want to become Disc Jockeys. With Dance eJay, users can remix and compose dance-style tracks with over 5,000 unique sound samples.

Dance Ejay For Mac

Dance eJay provides a comprehensive range of sound editors and synthesizers. Users can also alter certain properties of their composition, such as its speed, panning and volume, and can also edit the sample in a wonderfully simple way. Dance eJay also enables users to record their tracks directly to CD through thee CD burning option. Dance eJay is a powerful yet easy tool and is freely available for a trial. Its price makes it a great choice for dance music lovers and wannabe DJs of any level of experience.

The simple use of this tool would be for adding longer drum loops to a project, but two other obvious applications spring to mind. First, longer vocal sections such as a complete verse or chorus might be subjected to the Beatmapper treatment. The tempo of the vocal could then be automatically adjusted if you need to adjust the overall tempo of the project. Second, whole tracks could be imported (for example, using Acid's new CD ripping facility), Beatmapped, and then have their tempo adjusted. If you wanted to compile an extended dance mix based upon a number of songs, get them all running at the same tempo and add some additional drum loops, the Beatmapper would make this very straightforward. The Beatmapper is not so effective if the file being mapped is not at a constant tempo, but otherwise works very well.

eJay Dance 6 is an application for every music lover in order to create some stunning music. eJay Dance 6 is an easy way to create dance tracks. The program has a great looking interface with animated background. eJay Dance is packed with 4,000 new studio quality samples.


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