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There are 2 replacement fuel filters for THERMO-KING 119954. The cross references are for general reference only, please check for correct specifications and measurements for your application.


Rebuilders now have a top quality option for replacing worn or contaminated Volkswagen solenoids with Sonnax Part Number 119954-02. These all new solenoids feature OE quality material and are a direct replacement. Calibrated to the OE curve, they have a smooth, consistent operation. All solenoids have been 100% tested. This solenoid can be used for 096/097/098 EPC Solenoid and 01M/01N/01P EPCor TCC Solenoid.

The Böker 20-21 Brown Bone 119954 is a real classic in the Solinger knife history and has been used for generations during the hunt. Characterizing are the ergonomically-shaped handle and clippoint-shaped blade. 041b061a72


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