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OziExplorer for Android license - How to transfer it to a new device

See the Australian Purchase page (click here) (also special OziExplorer and map deal) OziExplorerCE (for PocketPC and Handheld PC PDA's) Note: This is NOT for android devices. For android devices you need an OziExplorer Android license.

Oziexplorer Android Licence Key


If your enquiry is not answered on this page, for ShareIt orders see ourCustomer Care Center for additional information. For PayPal orders contact us at

Occasionally, the email goes to never-never land, that's just one of those things that happens on the internet. Contact us at will be happy to re-issue your license codes via email. However, first ensure that it didn't fall victim to these common problems:

contact Des through the Ozi web site at www.oziexplorer.comI bought a very early version of Ozi and have been a big fan ever since. Ihave had an occasional problem with major upgrades where my secret code seemto get lost. An e-mail to Des at Ozi always solves the problem."jack" wrote in

Important - Before purchasing OziExplorer MUST be installed on your android device. The Trial version will display the Device ID during program startup and on the "About" dialog. This "Device ID" is required to purchase OziExplorer for Android.


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