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Bhatia Battery Test Of Intelligence Pdf 61: A Comparison with Other Tests of Intelligence

To compare group performance on each of the NIH-TCB measures between the groups with ID and participants from the general population, a one-sample t-test was calculated for each measure using means from the normative data [ 59 ]. Because this analysis included the data from study 1 and the entire sample of study 3, it was important to ensure that there were no outliers or extreme scores. We eliminated one participant who had a Raw score of -0.7SD from the ID group for the NIH-TCB flanker measure. If he was included, the means and standard deviations would have been -.3SD and 1.2 SD. However, based on the pattern of responses from this participant, we determined that this score represented a rule-out failure rather than a rule-in success. Excluding this participant, the means and standard deviations did not change for any of the NIH-TCB measures in the ID group.

Bhatia Battery Test Of Intelligence Pdf 61

The one-sample t-test values between the ID and general population groups using the remaining data from study 3 are shown in Table 9. The means were significantly different in the majority of the measures. In particular, the ID group received significantly lower scaled scores on most measures. This difference appears to represent a true difference in performance rather than the retention of participants who failed a test in study 2 and then repeated the assessment. Both the NIH-TCB administrator and item developer reviewed study 3 protocols and scored all administrations. In our population of young children with ID, the specificity of the scores of the one-sample t-test comparison to the normative data was moderate to good, with sensitivities ranging from 65% to 100%.


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