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Iz*one - Secret Story Of The Swan (sped Up)

After a car crashes into Storybrooke, David and Mary Margaret accompany Emma on the drive to the scene. They observe an amnesiac and frightened Belle who crossed the town line, a run-over Hook with multiple cracked ribs and a passed out stranger in the crashed car. David and Emma work to restrain Mr. Gold from beating Hook to death for what he did to Belle. All three casualties are taken to the hospital as patients. David, Emma, Mary Margaret, Leroy and Ruby try to break into the stranger's phone to learn who he is. After reviewing some paperwork left in the man's car, Emma sees that his name is Greg Mendell. From hacking into the phone, he looks to be a normal person. Dr. Whale comes back from checking up on Greg and says the man is bleeding into his chest cavity. Unsure of his own skill, Dr. Whale consults Mr. Gold for help, but he refuses and only warns that they should hope Greg dies so an outsider can't spread their town's magic secret to the whole world. They go into a separate room to debate about the pros and cons of helping someone from outside of town. Ultimately, the decision is made to save the stranger's life no matter what. Dr. Whale leaves the room to prep for the surgery, and Mary Margaret remarks how drunk he appears to be. Suddenly, Greg's phone starts ringing. No one dares to answer in fear the phone might be traced to Storybrooke. As they are waiting for the surgery to finish, a male nurse cannot find Dr. Whale, whose pager is the pocket of his disposed lab coat. Ruby runs off to track Dr. Whale by scent and brings him back to perform the operation on Greg. The surgery is a success and Emma goes in to gather information from Greg about what happened. He confesses to texting while driving. With a breath of relief, Emma and her parents return to the apartment. Henry wishes to know the day's events and after being filled in, he realizes the Frankenstein story is not a fairytale nor does it exist as in the storybook. Abruptly, Mr. Gold pays them a visit to ask Emma to fulfill the favor she owes him by helping find his son Baelfire. Just before he leaves, Mr. Gold also warns if any harm comes to Belle while he is gone, he will kill them all. ("In the Name of the Brother")

iz*one - secret story of the swan (sped up)

At their camp, Mary Margaret and David watch Regina teach Emma how to light a fire with magic. Emma argues with Regina about her training tactics, and as things get heated, she accidentally channels her anger; lighting flame on the wood. To Mary Margaret, David expresses dislike about allowing Emma to use magic, but she thinks their daughter needs to learn. She also believes Emma will use her abilities wisely. Approaching the couple, Hook reveals Neal is alive and Pan kidnapped him from their campsite to a cave. As proof of this story, Mary Margaret notices a snapped branch near the brush along with footprints resembling a struggle. Although she wants to tell Emma about Neal, David and Hook convince her not to. The trio agree to prep a cover story and search for Neal themselves, but when Emma asks where they are going, both David and Hook give different excuses. With the plan ruined, Mary Margaret blurts out that Neal is alive. In disbelief over these claims, Regina leaves the group as everyone else follows the footprint trail. Outside the Echo Cave, Hook explains they each must reveal one of their deepest secrets in order to rescue Neal. Once inside, they see a caged Neal on a separate strip of land. Hook goes first by stating he shared a kiss with Emma, causing outrage from David, as well as his genuine feelings for her. When Mary Margaret confesses her desire for another child, David tearfully admits she would make a great mother, but she won't have another baby with him due to the price of the Dreamshade cure. This shocks Mary Margaret, who says nothing in response. With three secrets revealed, a bridge forms and Emma makes her way across, where she tells Neal her secret and frees him. Once they return outside, they decide to find Tinker Bell first before continuing the mission. Heading back to camp, David tries talking to Mary Margaret about his earlier disclosure, but she snaps at him. ("Ariel")

Walking into the apartment with her parents, Emma grills them about any other secrets they have about the Author, but they do not. Still fuming from their lies, she recalls they always told her there is a right way to do things but what they did to Maleficent's child was not. David insists the Apprentice's deal was necessary to ensure Emma grew up as good person, but she cannot ever see herself doing what they did at the cost of an innocent life. Even Mary Margaret chimes that Emma's inability to harm someone is why they accepted the deal to retain her goodness. Regina reveals Mr. Gold is in league with Zelena, who has been pretending to be Marian this whole time. Her plans to rescue Robin Hood are halted by Cruella kidnapping Henry, and sending a video pressuring them to kill the Author or she will kill the boy. Examining one of the video stills, David recognizes a road marker in the background as somewhere miles south of the Toll Bridge. Emma considers it'd help to get information from the Author about Cruella's whereabouts, so her parents suggest using a locator spell on a flask they once gave the Author. When Emma continues to treat her parents coldly, Mary Margaret admonishes her for being avoidant, but the blonde states she doesn't trust them and needs to be around people she does trust; namely Hook and Regina. Later, David and Mary Margaret track the Author to Mr. Gold's cabin. The Author admits he wrote Cruella's story and made it so she can never kill anyone, meaning Henry is not in danger, but the situation is a ploy for Mr. Gold to turn Emma dark. The pair take off to stop Emma, but they find her after she has already killed Cruella to save Henry. ("Sympathy for the De Vil") 041b061a72


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