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[Most Popular] Emily's Big Surprise ^HOT^

Joris planned his surprise proposal to Emily on the weekend they were set to come here- I was delighted to have squeaked in as their local Big Sur proposal photographer! Joris is also a fellow Philly and he works as a professor, whereas Emily is from San Francisco and does marketting in biotech. I loved getting to photograph these two, they are just the sweetest and have the most adorable height difference ever!

[Most popular] emily's big surprise

The Rolling Stone 200 Albums chart tracks the most popular releases of the week in the United States. Entries are ranked by album units, a number that combines digital and physical album sales, digital song sales, and audio streams using a custom weighting system. The chart does not include passive listening such as terrestrial radio or digital radio. The Year-End Rolling Stone 200 Albums chart covers streams and sales from January 3rd, 2020, through December 31st, 2020.

The first two weeks of the 2022-23 NHL season are in the books, and while some things haven't surprised us -- the Carolina Hurricanes and Vegas Golden Knights leading their divisions, and the Arizona Coyotes near the bottom -- there has been no shortage of shocks for every club thus far. This week alongside our updated power rankings, we'll identify the player, stat or trend that has surprised us most for all 32 teams.

It's a surprise that Roope Hintz is a surprise (to some). The center launched into a point-per-game pace this season that followed up on one of the most unheralded 37-goal seasons in the league in 2021-22. While Jake Oettinger (deservedly) draws headlines and Dallas' excellent overall start to the campaign is great, Hintz's role in that success shouldn't be catching anyone off guard.

BALTIMORE -- Emily, a four-year-old who lives in Locust Point with a love for Amazon delivery drivers, might have the most authentic Halloween costume in Baltimore City after she was paid a surprise visit by the e-commerce company. 350c69d7ab


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