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The Ultimate Review of Irenko Y La Ciudad De Cristal Pdf Gratis

How to Download Irenko Y La Ciudad De Cristal Pdf Gratis in Minutes

If you are looking for a free pdf download of Irenko Y La Ciudad De Cristal, a book by J. Claudio Pasten Toro that narrates his extraordinary experience of visiting another planet and a city of glass, you are in the right place. In this article, I will show you how to get your copy of this amazing book in minutes, without paying anything or signing up for anything.

Irenko Y La Ciudad De Cristal Pdf Gratis

Irenko Y La Ciudad De Cristal is a book that was published in 2002 and has been widely circulated on the internet since then. It tells the story of J. Claudio Pasten Toro, a Chilean man who claims to have been contacted by extraterrestrial beings and taken to their planet, where he witnessed their advanced civilization and their connection with God. The book is full of details and descriptions of the otherworldly landscapes, the city of glass, the beings, their culture, their technology, their spirituality and their messages for humanity.

The book is not only a fascinating account of a personal experience, but also a source of inspiration and wisdom for anyone who wants to learn more about the mysteries of the universe and the purpose of life. The book challenges many of our beliefs and assumptions about reality and invites us to open our minds and hearts to a higher perspective.

So, how can you download Irenko Y La Ciudad De Cristal Pdf Gratis in minutes? It's very simple. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Go to this link, which will take you to the Internet Archive page where the book is available for free.

  • On the right side of the page, you will see a box that says "Download Options". Click on the PDF option, which will start the download automatically.

  • Save the file on your device and enjoy reading it.

That's it! You have just downloaded Irenko Y La Ciudad De Cristal Pdf Gratis in minutes. You can also read it online on the same page, or download other formats such as EPUB or Kindle. You can also share it with your friends and family who might be interested in this book.

I hope you enjoy reading Irenko Y La Ciudad De Cristal and learning from its messages. If you want to know more about J. Claudio Pasten Toro and his other books, you can visit his website here.

Irenko Y La Ciudad De Cristal is not only a book, but also a testimony of a real experience that J. Claudio Pasten Toro had with extraterrestrial beings. He claims that he was contacted by them through telepathy and dreams, and that they invited him to visit their planet. He accepted their invitation and was taken to their spaceship, where he met several beings of different races and appearances. They told him that they were part of a cosmic federation that was watching over the Earth and its evolution.

They also told him that they had a special mission for him: to be a messenger of their teachings and to share them with humanity. They said that he was chosen because he had a pure heart and a strong connection with God. They explained that they were not gods, but brothers and sisters who had reached a higher level of consciousness and harmony. They said that they wanted to help humanity to awaken to its true potential and to realize that we are all one with God and with each other.

They took him to their planet, which was very different from Earth. It had a blue sky, green grass, colorful flowers, crystal lakes and mountains. The air was fresh and clean, and the animals were friendly and peaceful. The planet was full of light and love, and there was no violence, disease, poverty or pollution. The beings lived in harmony with nature and with each other, respecting the free will and the diversity of each one.

They showed him their city of glass, which was a marvel of architecture and technology. It was made of transparent crystal that reflected the colors of the rainbow. It had domes, towers, bridges and gardens. The city was powered by a huge crystal pyramid that emitted a bright light. The pyramid was also a portal to other dimensions and planets. The beings used their mind and their heart to control the technology and to communicate with each other.

J. Claudio Pasten Toro spent four days on their planet, learning from their culture, their history, their science and their spirituality. They taught him many things about the origin of life, the purpose of existence, the laws of the universe, the nature of God and the soul, the evolution of consciousness, the cycles of reincarnation, the karma and the dharma, the dimensions and the planes of reality, the cosmic plan and the prophecy for Earth, the role of free will and love, and many other topics.

They also showed him some of their secrets and mysteries, such as their ability to travel in time and space, to heal with sound and light, to manifest with thought and emotion, to shape-shift and to levitate. They also showed him some of their sacred places and ceremonies, such as their temple of wisdom, their hall of records, their fountain of youth and their crystal chamber. They also introduced him to some of their masters and guides, such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and others.

They told him that he was not the first human to visit their planet, nor would he be the last. They said that they had been in contact with many humans throughout history, inspiring them to bring positive changes to Earth. They said that they were also in contact with many humans in the present time, preparing them for a great transformation that was about to happen on Earth. They said that they were here to assist humanity in its transition from a third-dimensional reality to a fifth-dimensional reality.

They said that this transition was part of a natural process that involved the alignment of Earth with the center of the galaxy and the activation of its dormant DNA. They said that this process would bring many changes to Earth and its inhabitants, such as an increase in frequency and vibration, an awakening of consciousness and intuition, a manifestation of new abilities and gifts, a healing of old wounds and traumas, a release of negative patterns and behaviors, a recognition of our true identity and purpose, a reunion with our soul family and our cosmic brothers and sisters, and a realization of our oneness with God and with all that is.

They also warned him that this transition would not be easy or smooth, but rather challenging and turbulent. They said that there would be many obstacles and difficulties along the way, such as natural disasters, social conflicts, economic crises, political upheavals, religious wars, and personal crises. They said that these events were not meant to punish or destroy humanity, but rather to purify and awaken it. They said that these events were also opportunities for growth and learning, for choosing between fear and love, for creating a new reality based on harmony and peace.

They told him that he had a choice to make: to stay on their planet or to return to Earth. They said that they respected his free will and that they would support him whatever he decided. They said that if he chose to stay on their planet, he would be welcomed as a brother and a friend, and he would enjoy a life of happiness and fulfillment. They said that if he chose to return to Earth, he would be a messenger of their teachings and a lightworker for humanity, and he would face many challenges and dangers.

They said that whatever he chose, he would not be alone. They said that they would always be with him in spirit and in heart, and that they would communicate with him through dreams and telepathy. They said that they would also send him signs and synchronicities to guide him and confirm him. They said that they loved him unconditionally and that they were proud of him.

J. Claudio Pasten Toro decided to return to Earth. He felt that he had a mission to fulfill and that he could not abandon his fellow humans in their time of need. He felt that he had a responsibility to share his experience and his knowledge with as many people as possible. He felt that he had a gift to offer and that he could make a difference in the world.

He returned to Earth with a new vision and a new purpose. He wrote his book Irenko Y La Ciudad De Cristal, where he described his experience in detail and shared the teachings and the messages that he received from the extraterrestrial beings. He also created his website Yanea Gizáh, where he posted more information and updates about his contact and his mission. He also gave interviews and lectures, where he answered questions and explained his views and insights.

He faced many reactions and responses from the public and the media. Some people were curious and interested, some were skeptical and doubtful, some were supportive and grateful, some were hostile and aggressive. He was praised and criticized, admired and ridiculed, loved and hated. He was also threatened and attacked by some groups and individuals who did not want his message to be heard or believed. He endured many hardships and sacrifices, but he never gave up or lost faith.

He also continued to have contact with the extraterrestrial beings, who gave him more guidance and support. They also gave him more information and revelations about the current situation on Earth and the future events that were about to unfold. They also introduced him to other human contactees who had similar experiences and missions. They also invited him to visit their planet again, which he did several times.

He became a source of inspiration and hope for many people who resonated with his message and his example. He also became a catalyst for change and transformation for many people who awakened to their true nature and their true potential. He also became a bridge of communication and cooperation between humanity and the cosmic federation of light.


Irenko Y La Ciudad De Cristal is a book that can change your life and your perspective. It is a book that can open your mind and your heart to a new reality and a new possibility. It is a book that can inspire you and empower you to be the best version of yourself and to create the best version of your world.

Whether you believe or not in the veracity of J. Claudio Pasten Toro's experience, you can still benefit from the wisdom and the love that he shares in his book. You can still learn from the teachings and the messages that he received from the extraterrestrial beings. You can still apply the principles and the practices that he suggests for your personal and spiritual growth.

The book is not meant to impose or convince you of anything, but rather to invite and encourage you to explore and discover for yourself. The book is not meant to create or follow a dogma or a cult, but rather to express and respect your own truth and your own path. The book is not meant to separate or divide you from others, but rather to connect and unite you with all that is.

If you are ready to embark on an amazing journey of adventure and wonder, of challenge and opportunity, of learning and teaching, of service and joy, then download Irenko Y La Ciudad De Cristal Pdf Gratis today and start reading it. You will not regret it. b99f773239


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