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Iso 22716 Pdf Free Download

With the cosmetic industry continually growing, guidelines and best practices must also continue to evolve to ensure proper safety and care are practiced during every stage. Therefore, the ISO body developed and set forth the internationally accepted standard for cosmetic product safety in the ISO 22716 Cosmetics Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices standard This standard has been accepted by multiple governmental agencies and regulation bodies that recommend these guidelines for GMP.

iso 22716 pdf free download


Therefore, while both ISO and GMP focus on quality assurance, there are differences between them. ISO is designed to be business-focused, and yet generic, in order to fit into multiple industries and company requirements. The different standards support effective management of quality to an international level of best practice. The advantage of ISO is in the flexibility. ISO specifically explains what is needed to be achieved, while allowing each organization the freedom to determine and justify how to achieve those requirements. In contrast, GMP is focused on specific industries and detailing what must be done to ensure safety and efficacy.

GMP can be viewed as the minimum standard and not the ultimate goal. Therefore, businesses should aspire not only to meet these requirements but to exceed them, which can be achieved through ISO 22716 and the process of continual improvement. An organization can demonstrate compliance with GMP through implementing ISO 22716.

In some regions, GMP for cosmetics is endorsed and highly encouraged by national authorities but are not mandatory. However, in other areas, GMP is a legal requirement for cosmetic manufacturers. For example, in Europe, the Cosmetics Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 necessitates that any cosmetic product aimed at selling to the EU market must comply with the cosmetic GMP guidelines outlined by ISO 22716.

Implementing ISO 22716 is an effective way to comply with legal regulations related to consumer safety and product quality. Requirements to GMP for cosmetics can vary but having a management system in place has several benefits.

ISO 22716 covers all aspects of the supply chain and determines the criteria for quality during different stages. It provides a comprehensive approach for those who work throughout the various cosmetic manufacturing stages, including the purchase of raw materials, components, and packaging material.

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