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Xarab.shx Autocad Font

We use *.shx arabic fonts in our drawings. Everything was working flawlessly in AutoCAD 2015. We could write and print (to PDF or plotter for instance). But when we try to plot or convert a drawing to PDF in AutoCAD 2016, all *.shx fonts rotate and become upside down in the PDF file ro plot result !

Xarab.shx Autocad Font

Some drawings may contain fonts in special SHX format, that stores symbols of the font in a form of shapes. This format requires additionalloading procedure for each font used in the drawing. Apose.CAD can export drawings with text written in SHX and has different options to do this. The simplest way to do it just use ShxFonts property of CadRasterizationOptions object.

Each SHX font comes with the proper codepage associated to it. These associations are known and partially embedded into the Aspose.CAD for known SHX fonts.In the case some custom SHX font is used it is possible to apply ShxCodePages property and set up path to SHX file and corresponding code page.

dears i am using Autocad 2019 and a lot of text with .SHX style, these text are in Arabic language i want to convert them into true type font, if i change font style the arabic characters become English characters.Any idea!!also i have an idea but i don't know if this possible or not! first change SHX to true type font, then write small script that rematch all English characters to Arabic characters as shown in screen. i know a little about Python, but don't know if Autocad support python or not.enter image description here

In order to do this, you will need a routine that will translate the characters in the current text string to the correct character in the true type font. .SHX is old school and is ASCII based. All of the characters have a decimal value of between 32 and 127 (could be 255, I do not exactly recall). These decimal values, when displayed using a true type font equate to standard English characters.I do not know of a routine that already does this but search for a "AutoLisp" routine (AutoCAD's default scripting language) that may do this - there are hundreds of existing AutoLisp routines.If a routine does not already exist, one of the web sites that have AutoList routines can make a custom routine (unless you chose to make one your self - AutoLisp is a fairly easy lanugage to learn - except it Lisp based).Web sites, for example, that have AutoLisp routines: or Jeffery Sanders or CAD Studio

As CAD managers, drafters, and designers, we all need at some point to look at a pdf file, import the file, and in some instances use and edit the text as well. This post will show you how to convert SHX font geometry to text after importing a PDF file in AutoCAD. You ensure good text recognition by specifying the SHX font name used. Unlike other fonts, SHX fonts import as lines, arcs, circles, and other geometry instead of text. 350c69d7ab


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