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The Transporter Legacy Full Movie Hd 1080p

Introduced on the Bambi Blu-ray, "Disney Second Screen" can be manually or audio synched with a laptop (mine finally "heard" the disc after a few tries) to provide a more stripped-down version of Warner's Maximum Movie Mode. Basically, a slideshow of production notes and storyboards hijacks your computer in time with the movie, which plays on your television with an odometer-like counter running in the corner. You can stop to inspect an element, but this will subsequently require a re-synch and cause you to miss whatever followed in the interim. It's a forward-thinking idea not quite ready for prime time, really, and you're hardly missing out on anything essential by skipping it. Certainly, there's not much therein that can't be gleaned from one of the five makings-of, starting with "Launching the Legacy" (10 mins., HD), which deals with the origins of the project and incorporates into its framework the hallowed test trailer that was produced to sell the suits and masses alike on the idea of a Tron sequel. (It was a brilliant bait-and-switch tactic, ultimately.) Tron director Steven Lisberger speaks of passing the torch and even more enthusiastically of putting the screenplay through a gauntlet composed of scientists from a variety of fields. I'm sure the script, by nerdy little JJ Abrams clones Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (seriously, are they grown like tomatoes?), became more plausible, what with the transporter to the Grid now complete with units for storing leftover carbon and water, but a better idea would've been to sit the writers down with a sci-fi scribe capable of crafting a compelling narrative.

The Transporter Legacy full movie hd 1080p

As for the A/V presentation(s), both films look and sound stunning*, perhaps predictably so. Note that once the action in Tron: Legacy shifts from the real world to cyberspace, for some reason the aspect ratio starts toggling back and forth between its initial 2.40:1 and 1.78:1. (This isn't a situation like The Dark Knight, where the big set-pieces were shot in IMAX.) Good on Disney for preserving the filmmakers' inscrutable intentions, though. If I have any criticism of Tron: Legacy's 1080p transfer, it's that a bit of banding befalls the image now and again, particularly during the prologue. As an aside, I'm not sure that HD clarity does the Uncanny Dude any favours, but that's the price of progress. Tron, meanwhile, shines up like a new penny in a 2.20:1, 1080p presentation that honours the 65mm lucidity of the bookend scenes and reclaims some of the detail lost to compression in standard def, making the transitions to grainy opticals (basically, any shot of the actors in lightsuits) if not smooth, then a bit less jarring than they've ever been on home video. Kudos again to the studio for resisting the temptation to bridge the gap further through excessive DVNR. Each film blasts the roof off with 24-bit audio; although Tron: Legacy's 7.1 DTS-HD MA track is unimpeachable, Tron's own 5.1 DTS-HD MA option almost impressed me more for the heft it lends such wispy-feeling imagery. Tron is one bassy movie, without a lift from Daft Punk to drive the point home. That being said, Tron: Legacy's score works in beautiful concert with dialogue and effects, never overwhelming either, and the mix as a whole is breathtakingly transparent. Tron and Tron: Legacy are also available individually and together in a gift set with "Identity Disc" packaging. Originally published: February 18, 2011.

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