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the gallatin national bank plaza, completed in 1979, offers a sense of history as well as a magnificent setting for the gallatin national bank. mention the name of the favorite retailer located in the historic building, and the name tells you a lot about the variety of stores that occupy the second floor. the former flagship location of sears was sandwiched between the post office and downtown dfw, and the customers still fondly remember the inexpensive but modern appliances and furniture before the nationwide promotion for shopping through catalogs in the 1970's. the customers who once frequented a&m before wal-mart moved in must have been happy as the other stores on the second floor of the building, which was recently renamed the gallatin national bank plaza, have offered the selection of merchandise in an increasingly upscale environment.

electronic arts technical support.glo

mickey maxwell, 70, an smu alumnus, was a victim of a scam that resulted in a judge putting his life on the line. recently, disney awarded him the mickey mouse club award for his work on saving the character. the mickey mouse club award is an honor bestowed by disney on individuals who contribute to the success of the disney movie franchise. disney gave the award to maxwell for his work on a kickstarter campaign, set up in 2013, to raise funds to save the mouse. back in 2013, mickeys voice, his creator walt disney, had been killed by a stroke. a fan group was looking for ways to bring the mouse back to the screen, and they came up with the idea to crowdsource the funds for the campaign. the whole mickey's not dead project became a hit, and the initial amount was more than $160,000, more than enough to keep the project going. the campaign was successful in bringing mickey back to the screen and the economy boomed. in fact, two years after the campaign was over, the mouse was ready to make a comeback. mickey's voice actor, charles martin smith, announced that he would quit the part and would be replaced by sean whalen. as a result, the character was dropped by disney from the franchise. mickeys not dead was released on dvd and blu-ray in january 2015, and was a huge hit. with a $40 million budget, it received the most views in the history of the disney movie franchise in less than 24 hours after it was released. the success of the kickstarter campaign inspired other groups of fans and supporters of the movies to raise money for charity. so, the not dead again campaign went viral as well. in november of 2015, $1 million was raised by nearly 10,000 supporters, and the group raised a total of $75 million in 2016. the save the crew group was an example of a charity campaign that went viral. first, they raised $1,000 in cash and then later they raised $3 million by 2015. avery mark, one of the top apple developers, graduated from smu as well, and he said that the innovative spirit of disney and apple are both remarkable. meanwhile, maxwell said he wanted to make sure that the money from the crowdfund would go towards the production of the movie. however, after the cash was raised, the company that ran the campaign, authentic brands group, was accused of fraud by the federal bureau of investigation. in 2016, maxwell testified against the company in a federal court in illinois as part of the case against the fraudulent company.


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