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Sto Breen Absolute Zero !!EXCLUSIVE!!

There are two interesting possibilities for interpreting this observation. First, it could be that the stimulation-evoked oscillation frequencies differ between clusters and the average signal would thus have lower amplitude. Second, even though the evoked oscillations within clusters would have the same frequency, there would be a non-zero phase-shift between the clusters.

Sto Breen Absolute Zero

Chroniton torpedoes are a unique form of weapon employed by the Krenim. The weapons phase in and out of normal time, allowing them to pass through ordinary shields and directly damage a vessel's hull.[31] Though quite dangerous, their reliability is not absolute, as Seven of Nine and Tuvok (as well as Kes in the alternate timeline presented in "Before and After") find an undetonated chroniton torpedo lodged in Voyager's hull, which in turn allowed the crew to adapt the shields to withstand further attacks.[31]

An engineer who served on the Gorkon under Klag and Chief Engineer Kurak. He's well-groomed, rather timid and insists on viewing engineering problems as honourable battles. Kurak called him competent once, which is Kurak-speak for "absolute genius".

The Star Trek: Typhon Pact series finally established some concrete facts about Breen culture. They're a multi-species organization who hide their true identity by wearing body-concealing suits (some are refridgerated, because one of the major Breen races lives in sub-zero environments). 350c69d7ab


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