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How To Unlock Volte In Iphone 5s

While T-Mobile, on the other hand, doesn't use a whitelist for VoLTE compatibility, many unlocked devices just straight up don't support it regardless. The recently announced ASUS ROG Phone 3 does not currently support VoLTE on the network, for example. It's not that these phones can't support VoLTE on T-Mobile, it's just that the device maker hasn't done the work to outright support it. Modders on our ROG Phone II forums have figured out the steps needed to enable VoLTE on T-Mobile, proving that a little more work at the factory could enable support.

How to unlock volte in iphone 5s

If you still have one of these and have previously been unsuccessful with unlocking due to the phone being 'active on another account' (whether or not that's actually true), I suggest you try again on AT&T's unlock portal:

I kept around such a phone: an iPhone 5s with a lot of screen white spots. I had a hunch that it would get kicked out of AT&T's system after their 3G network shutdown. It didn't work when I tried in April but I tried again last weekend and it unlocked! It connects to the T-Mobile network when I insert an active SIM.

I have two AT&T VoLTE compatible phones that were "ineligible for unlock". Two days ago I was able to unlock them. "Active on another account" error is a glitch, the phone is not really active on some account. Usually if you try in a few months after you use AT&T locked phone with AT&T MVNO's SIM, then the phone will be unlocked via AT&T Unlock Portal or AT&T Device Unlock App (if installed on your phone).

I received an email from Verizon stating that they are decommissioning their 3G and 4G non VoLTE networks and that multiple iphones on my account will no longer be able to make or receive texts and calls by the end of 2022. We are seniors with two very old iphones, (5 and 7) that are just fine for our needs. Verizon stated that only an iphone 12 or 13 will be able access the 5G network. The implication is that our 5 and 7 will be useless after the changeover to 5G. I think our iphone 7 will work after the changeover and that Verizon is being disingenuous because they want us to upgrade and buy more iphone 12s and 13s.

I had no idea what 3G, 4G, 5G, HD, VoLTE, etc. even meant so I did some research. I discovered that our iphone 5 will, indeed, be useless at the end of 2022 because it cannot be HD or VoLTE enabled. However, I believe, based on my research, that my iphone 7 should continue to work without a problem so long as I have enabled VoLTE. I followed instructions I found on-line, made sure I had the latest iOS version, set the iphone 7 to LTE and turned on VoLTE. Having done that, I believe my phone will be useable to make and receive calls and texts, and access data after the changeover. Maybe slower, however. I am guessing this would also be true for the iphone 8 and 11 so long as they are using the latest version of iOS. Will someone who is tech savvy and really understands this stuff, please let me know if I am right or wrong.

If I'm right, shame on Verizon for implying, while not actually stating, that all phones below the 12 will not be usable. If they really wanted to be forthcoming, they would have explained clearly that these older iphones can be configured to allow use on 4G VoLTE. If I'm wrong, oh my, what do I do now?

Here for the same info. I bought an unlocked S9 to replace my husband's broken verizon S9. All the settings are the same as mine but I am getting the communication that his will not work after 12/31/22.


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