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School Teacher Movie Video Song Mp4 Free Download

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School Teacher movie video song mp4 free download


Since launching on March 6, 2007, our goal at TeacherTube has been to provide an online community for sharing instructional and education videos for college students, high school students, middle school students and elementary school students. We seek to fill a need for a more educationally focused, safe venue for teachers, students, schools, and home learners. It is a site to provide anytime, anywhere professional development with teachers teaching teachers. It is also a site where teachers can post videos designed for students to view in order to learn a concept or skill.

The service is free for everyone. We always encourage our users to Contact Us with thoughts, suggestions, or other feedback. We do have a vision for TeacherTube to truly be a better alternative to other video storage sites. With the community's help, it can become more interactive and engaging for all teachers and learners.'s section on science educational videos has content of interest to all learning levels. We have topics as varied as educational songs for elementary school students, up to chemical engineering for college students.

There are many sources for streaming video content available that students can access on their own. For instance, subscription services Netflix and Hulu offer thousands of documentaries, mainstream film titles, and television programs on a streaming basis for an affordable monthly fee that most students likely already pay. Additionally, sites like Amazon and iTunes offer inexpensive streaming video rental. Instructors are encouraged to investigate availability of videos through these subscription services that they wish students to view and require students, as part of the class, to have one of these low-cost monthly services or to rent movies on their own time. Further, many commercial distributors of films offer licensing of streaming content, although the cost varies across vendors and is dependent upon a variety of factors, such as class size. There are also many online sources for free and legal streaming content:

The new generation kids are fond of learning through the practical medium. The old school books and heavy bags are a big NO-NO for the tech savvy generation. Not just the kids, but teachers too love the use of technology in studies. Well, videos are the easiest and the most preferred way of teaching these days. It is time saving and teaching through videos in the classroom also makes it interesting for the kids.

This free to use video editing tool is great for windows users. Although it isn't available for other OS, it works fine with Windows. With just a simple drag and drop, you can make simple videos that are not highly professional, but are great for kids. You can add many visual effects and can add audio tracks, timeline narration, auto movie and much more. With the addition of new effects, this tool is now even better to use.

Video content for the classroom has never been more accessible to teachers and students. Math tutorials, physics experiments, animated grammar lessons, feature-length documentaries -- you name it, it's out there. This is not to mention the ever-growing mountain of user-generated YouTube videos and videos available for free on library-linked platforms like Kanopy. Are you searching for that just-right video clip to complement your lesson? This list includes some of Common Sense Education's favorite video-based resources, as well as a few sites to help you take your search even further.

As teachers in a Title I high school, we developed an instructional model built around self-made videos that empowered students at all levels to learn at their own pace and build mastery skill-by-skill. We used these screencast-style videos:

In her video on the big bang theory, high school science teacher Moira Mazzi uses compelling visuals and clear annotations to explain a complex idea to her students. This keeps student attention on what Mazzi is saying and gives students an idea of the key terms and ideas they need to record in their notes.

In this video on the Pythagorean theorem, math teacher Michael Krell embeds frequent checks for understanding and provides feedback for students who get those checks wrong. Students are free to jump ahead to key points in the video to test their mastery of the material, if they so choose. Krell makes paper copies of the video slides for his students so that they can take notes as they watch.

In this video on states of matter, for instance, middle school science teacher Demi Lager lets her personality shine through. No matter how interested students may be in solids, liquids, and gases, her warm tone and sense of humor are likely to keep them engaged.

"Educators at Aspire Public Schools share how 24/7 academic support promotes student learning and self-advocacy, bolsters differentiated instruction, and frees up teachers to focus on curriculum and c...

The use of videos in teaching and learning serves to not only benefit students, but also teachers, their affiliated institutions, and the entire school system. A 2015 study conducted by software company Kaltura concluded that 93% of teachers believe that the use of educational videos improves the learning experience. They also serve to break down barriers, such as student and campus location, which were once insurmountable.

The benefits of using videos in an educational setting are numerous. Their convenience and versatility make them an asset to students, teachers, and educational institutions alike, whether elementary, high school, or higher levels. 350c69d7ab


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