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Firewatch [HOT]

Firewatch is a narrative-driven game played from a first-person perspective and set in 1989. The protagonist is Henry, a man in his forties, who takes on the solitary job of manning a firewatch lookout in the secluded wilderness of Two Forks Lookout Area in Wyoming. However, the game starts fourteen years earlier, in Boulder, Colorado, in 1975. The first minutes of the game are largely text-based and explain how Henry met his wife Julia and what led him to the job on his own many years later. The player can choose between different responses to help shape Henry's background.


Early on Henry discovers a disposable camera he can use to take twenty pictures. After completing the game, the player's pictures are shown in the credits, but the game also generates a link, uploading the pictures to the website The player can have these developed as a set of 4" x 6" glossy prints with free, worldwide shipping almost anywhere for $ 15.

Per the Denver Fire Code, records of all system installations, inspections, tests and maintenance (including all firewatch logs) shall be maintained on the premises. Records shall be completed on National Fire Protection Association forms and/or forms provided by the Denver Fire Department. Firewatch Logs for the required 30 minute walks of the impacted areas must be kept on the premises and be made available for Denver Fire Department personnel when requested. 041b061a72


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