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Elementary Survey Sampling Mendenhall Pdf Download [PORTABLE]

Data were analyzed using the statistical program R (version 2.13, R Core Development Team, 2011). For each urban area, proportions (and standard errors) of respondents in each category for each survey question were computed using the stratified sampling design of the survey. Additional adjustments were made for sampling from finite populations (Scheaffer et al., 1979). Because the sampling design for each city was independent of the other city, data for Olathe and Wichita were analyzed independently. Within a city, proportions were estimated for each of the geographic sections (23 zip codes for Wichita and 13 sections for Olathe). For Wichita, the proportions for zip codes with an average home value within each home value range were weighted according to the populations of the zip codes and then combined to give an overall estimate of the proportion for each home value range. For Olathe, proportions and standard errors were estimated for subpopulations based on home value, home age, and lot size using ratio estimation methods for stratified sampling (Lohr, 2010).

Elementary Survey Sampling Mendenhall Pdf Download



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