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i also visited the museo nazionale del bargello in florence. the bargello is the room where criminals were executed, and the wood panels on the walls are incredibly detailed and interesting, and the museum itself is pretty interesting too. after that, we went for a drink on the square in front of the palace, and explored a few of the side streets nearby, which i think were all abandoned by the time we got there. it was really fun.

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on our way back to the hotel, we saw a stand selling ice-creams in the same street, and that reminded me of the story of the people in ghana who decided to use ice-cream instead of fuel to help people.

in the old part of ushuaia, in front of the government building, there is a statue of che guevara, and a fifa supporter who died at the hands of the police, shot in the head in a 2002 fifa world cup qualifier in brazil. one of the top stories of the world cup is the rise of the uruguay team. how can a country with so little infrastructure, little prosperity, so much poverty, prosper? the answer, says one political scientist, is that the team brings to life something important for the local people, a sense of identity. thats why football is so powerful. it touches people deeply. the coach, oscar tabarez, is a legend among the fans. he is a man who stands for the rights of the poor, and he was beaten so badly by the brazilian police while trying to help an injured fan that he had to be operated on. he lived in a fifa world cup tent with his wife and two children and would not allow them to sleep in a hotel. his rise to the top is not a miracle, he says, it is a result of a lot of hard work and determination.


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